The Academy will help you pay your fees by instalments. You can tell us how much is affordable for you to pay monthly and we will provide a payment plan which suits you.

You may be eligible to receive Government benefits such as;


  • Youth Allowance Under 25s
  • Austudy Over 25s
  • Newstart 22 or over/ under pension age and unemployed.
  • Abstudy Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
  • Pensioner supplement Sole parent, Carers Pension, Disability pension.

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Even Sole Parents are able to afford courses.

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As a Sole Parent, Elizabeth is fulfilling her dreams

Why did you choose The Academy to learn hairdressing?

Well, I had a part time job as a merchandiser in a supermarket and wanted to keep this job. I was reading the "Herald Sun newspaper" one day and saw The Academy offered a discount to Sole Parents, so I rang them.

Did you contact other places too?

Yes, I shopped around, but no one else had flexible payment options. I found I only had to train 2 days a week and practice 12 hours a week at home.

Was it hard finding the fees?

Not at all. Centrelink gave me special benefits, so it was really easy paying the fees.

Have you always loved hairdressing?

Yes, I've coloured my mother's hair for years and both my daughters go to callisthenics and I've always done their hair.

Did you do any beauty training?

Yes, I did makeup. I loved it and it's given me the added incentive to go on and do more.

What are you planning when you qualify?

I'm planning to have my own business and I'm also going to train in the Diploma of Entertainment Makeup. I've always had a fascination with special effects makeup. I watch CSI all the time, so I'm looking forward to more training.

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