Eligibility for Government Funding

under the

Victorian Training Guarantee

Your training may be subsidised by the Victorian and Commonwealth governments if you meet the requirements outlined below.


You are eligible for funding if you meet the following requirements:


- An Australian Citizen
- An Australian Permanent Resident (holder of a permanent visa)
- A New Zealand Citizen
- An Asylum Seeker or Victim of Human Trafficking*

*Subject to special conditions



20 years and older -  you must enrol in a course at a higher level than any existing qualifications you hold
Under 20 years – you are free to enrol  in any course

People with disabilities are encouraged to apply


With government subsidised courses you may:

Start up to 2 courses in a calendar year
Study a maximum of 2 courses at the same time
You may only start 2 courses at any qualification level in your lifetime

(eg Certificate II to Diploma)

We recommend that you go to the following website in case eligibility conditions have changed;

 If you have any question about Government Funding call us on 0393299544

                    • For information about our courses click HERE.
                    • For information about your tuition fees click HERE.





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