Maggie Le Tissier qualified from the evening course at The Academy, full of confidence with the intention of working in a Melbourne salon as a partner owner.

After 4 months in the salon, Maggie found the travelling from her eastern suburbs home was very tiring and she decided to sell up and start her own business at home.

Maggie found that it would cost her about $5000 for plumbing and stock and some second hand fittings and she had a spare room at home that she was able to convert into a salon.
Maggie is gradually building her clientele and she works around her family commitments.

"I'm loving running my own business," said Maggie. "Many of my clients have waxing and manicuring, and I'll be including ear piercing soon," she explained. "Being able to do the beauty as well as hair is great for my business. I'm glad I learnt both."
At the time Maggie enrolled, she was offered free waxing and manicuring and pedicuring courses, which she completed during the day.

"I loved the independent learning, using modules and videos to learn the techniques on mannequin heads and then once the work was done well on the heads, we practised ON the salon clients."

Maggie had worked in offices doing clerical work for years and just wanted a different direction in her life. Maggie had always been interested in hair and discovered that The Academy was the only place with a Night Course, which enabled her to work during the day as well.

"As the evening course is 3 nights a week, you can get very tired if you also work during the day, but commitment to getting through, without missing nights, is the answer to achieving the outcome of being a qualified hairdresser," stresses Maggie.


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