Academy's Popularity Makes On the Job Training Easy

The Academy of Hair & Beauty is the largest private trainer of hairdressers in the southern hemisphere. For over 70 years, clients have come to The Academy to have their hairdressing services performed by trainees.


Because of the popularity of The Academy, you are able to learn and practice daily on clients, gaining valuable salon experience.

Hundreds of clients coming to the Academy provide salon experience for Academy students. There is no need to practice anywhere else. All the experience you need is here.

Academy training promotes professionalism and you leave with skills the industry requires.

You develop initiative, sound technical skills and the important ability to build a clientele and run your own salon.

Practice with clients begins immediately you start and continues throughout your training.

During your short time at the Academy you will work with more clients than you would in an average salon for 3 years.

You will be styling and cutting clients' hair within the first four months of your training.



The difference between The Academy's training and others is in the way you will experience, throughout your course, the professional running of a Beauty Salon. All your time will be spent in the salon working with clients caring for them in a professional way, just as you will when you're qualified.

This constant practice with clients is the key to a smooth transition to employment.


The training is developed so that you can work at your own pace it is nothing like school. This means, if you wish to finish your training sooner, you can.


The Academy Instructors are very experienced and will guide you through your program in both theory and practical work. You will gain the confidence needed to become a professional beautician or beauty therapist, to be employed or to conduct your own salon.


Our hours are flexible and designed to suit you. You can choose days or nights or both. Most students start at 9.30am and leave at 3.30pm but special hours can be arranged if you have a family to work around. Evenings are 5.30pm to 9.00pm.


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