apprenticeRecognition of Prior Learning (R.P.L.) is available to anyone with previous hairdressing or beauty experience. This means when you train at The Academy you will be credited in both fees and a reduction in length of the course.

Accelerate your Training

Erin White had worked as an apprentice for 2 yrs in 3 different salons before she decided to come to The Academy.

"I had met a few hairdressers who trained at The Academy, so I had a Skills Assessment and found I could complete the course in just 7 months" said Erin. "I'm so glad I made the change, I really love it. The training is excellent. I'm attending 3 days a week and to help with the fees, I have a part time Job", smiled Erin. "The Academy will help me find a job in a salon when I graduate... I can't wait", she said.

Want to do your course faster?  Do you already have a certificate for all or part of hairdressing or beauty?  Send a copy to us and your course may be shorter and cheaper.  Or if you have a Certificate, but it’s not hairdressing or beauty, it still may qualify for credit so don’t be slow, just copy, send, and we will get right back to you!

Do you have any other Certificates or qualifications?  If you do, you may get some credit towards your hairdressing or beauty course which would make your course faster and cheaper. Send us a copy of the Certificate and we will get right back to you.

No Certificates?  But you do have some hairdressing or beauty skills, ask us for a R.P.L. (Recognition of Prior Learning) form, fill it out and return it to us and we will let you know if your course will be faster or cheaper.


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