Thank you

graduate photoTo all the staff at The Academy for Hair, especially my instructors Sam, Louise and Renate, who were great inspirations to me.

When I started at the Academy, it was a life's dream turning into reality for me. I had always wanted to work with hair, but many factors lead me to put it off for so long. My father wanted me to learn to run the family business, before I did anything else, so hairdressing got put back a year or two. Then I got married and had three glorious sons which also put me back another decade.

I discovered through a local paper that the Academy had a course designed for people like me, mothers, persons who worked or had other commitments. It was one day and one night a week. It was perfect; my youngest child had started school. So I took the leap, I enrolled in the course and told my husband that I would be starting the following month. He didn't hesitate in agreeing as he knew I had received so many brochures from the school, and it was something I had always wanted to do.

My first day was so nervous, I dropped the comb. Louise had started me off on a mature blow wave on a mannequin. I was tired and a bit exhausted so I handed Louise back a half wet, half dry mannequin. Louise said it needs to be dry so it holds firm. Having worked for the family business where I am the boss, it was hard for me to adjust to the fact I didn't make the rules and wasn't in charge. I began to adjust to the way things were done at the school and everything was fantastic.

There was lots of work and study. I had previously, on a visit overseas, tried to study hair, but, as the course was in a language I didn't fully understand, I was not completely confident in my ability, this was the perfect opportunity to use what I had already learned previously and with what the instructors taught me, to help me gain confidence in my ability so I could achieve this dream of mine. All the work I put in was worth the effort. I am quite confident now and proud of my accomplishment of achieving my certificate in hairdressing.

I miss the instructors, and all the great friends I made while at the school. I am so used to going to school on Mondays I have to remind myself that I have finished school. On my last day my assessors Mary and Jacqui said to me "you knew you would pass, don't waste your talent".

Now I have completed my certificate, I hope to have a holiday with my family. When I come back I will find a part time job in a salon. At the moment I am cutting hair for family, friends and their acquaintances. My husband has built me my own salon in my backyard at home. I am so proud of it, he did a wonderful job.

In the future I will have my own salon, and put all that Mary, Sam, Louise, Renate and all the other staff taught me into practice.

Thank you to all of you for it was an experience that I will carry with me always.

Yours sincerely,
graduate sign

Tricia Kiang Ha Tchong

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