About The Academy

The Academy is one of Australia’s major private college trainers of hairdressers, beauticians and beauty therapists.

Established in 1932, thousands of students have qualified and are employed in salons, many of our graduates become self-employed. Some colleges in Melbourne have been owned by Academy graduates.

You’ll love the training as it is very flexible and encourages you to be independent. Training can be full or part time and there is no age limit.

Courses start every week of the year.

Q. How long has The Academy been training hairdressers?

Since 1932

Q. How old do I have to be to be able to start the course?

We enrol students from 15 years of age and there is no age limit.

Q. What year do I need to complete at school?

There is no requirement. Most students have year 9 or 10 but if you haven’t reached that standard, you can still enrol.

Q. Do I have to come for an interview or can I enrol online?

We like to see you and give you a tour of the Academy to make sure the course is exactly what you expect.

Q. When can I start?

New students start every day, so you can start as soon as you’re able to.

Q. Can I park my car?

When you come for an interview you can park your car at the front of the Academy, its meter parking. Also if you join an evening course, the parking is free after 6:30pm. Day students use the car parks nearby.

Q. How long is the course?

That depends on the number of days or nights that you come.

Q. Can I train at night?

Hairdressing courses can be done at night.

Q. Can I combine day and night classes?

Yes you may. This is a popular option. If you want to attend all day, this is an ideal option.

Q. I started a course before but didn’t finish.

You may be able to complete it at The Academy.

Q. I wish to transfer colleges. What do I do?

Contact Cheryle on (03) 9329 9544.

Q. Do I need to know hairdressing/beauty before I start?

Not at all, we will teach you everything you need to know.

Q. I did hairdressing/beauty training overseas. How can I be qualified in Australia?

You can have a “Recognition of Prior Learning” assessment to see if your skills and knowledge are equivalent to Australia’s requirements.

Q. I work all day, can I train at night?


Q. I have to collect my children after school; can I adjust my training timetable?

Yes. Our hours will be perfect for you. 

Q. I need to be home for the school holidays

We can arrange that for you.

Q. Is it correct that you design a program specifically for me?


Q. Does my training program take into account the days and nights I would like to study?

Yes we can help you balance your study and lifestyle commitments.

Q. I live a long way from the Academy, can this be taken into account in my timetable?

Yes. You will be able to start later and finish earlier.

Q. I only have mornings free, can I still study?

Not a problem.

Q. I have partially finished an apprenticeship; can I enrol in a course?

We can help you qualify. Ask us how. We will recognise any skills and knowledge you have.

Q. Can I pay for my course by installments?

Yes. We will design a payment plan to reflect your budget. 

Q. Am I eligible for government benefit while I study?

The Academy will help you pay your fees by instalments. We can develop a payment to reflect your budget and study loans, with repayments over 4 years, are also available.

You may be eligible to receive Government benefits such as;

  • Youth Allowance Under 25s
  • Austudy Over 25s
  • Newstart22 or over/ under pension age and unemployed.
  • AbstudyAboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
  • Pensioner supplementSole parent, Carers Pension, Disability pension.

Go to http://www.humanservices.gov.au/customer/themes/students-and-trainees for more information.

Q. Will I get salon experience at the Academy?

You will sometimes hear people say, if you don’t do an apprenticeship, you won’t be experienced enough to work in a salon.

Well, this is not the case for Academy’s graduates.

You will practice with clients from the beginning of your course.

No amount of books and DVDs will give you the skills and confidence that practising with people in our salons will give you.

You will spent time in the salon working with clients caring for them in a professional way, just as you will when you’re qualified.

The Academy Hair Salon and The Academy Beauty Salon, are attended by hundreds of clients and provide salon experience for Academy students. .

You develop initiative, sound technical skills and the important ability to build a clientele and run your own salon.

Practice with clients begins immediately you start and continues throughout your training.

Q. Are the Academy’s trainers experienced in the industry?

The Academy’s trainers are qualified to help you become successful and employable. They are interested in making sure you are happy and understanding the course.

Every student is treated as an individual and your trainer will build a rapport with you, which makes your experience of learning in our salon environment a very happy time

The Academy Instructors are very experienced and will guide you through your program in both theory and practical work. You will gain the confidence needed to become a professional hairdresser or beautician, to be employed or to conduct your own salon.

All our trainers also work in a salon or own their salons.

Q. I am an international student studying hairdressing or beauty in Australia; can I study another hairdressing or beauty diploma whilst I continue my other course?

Yes you can, as long as you maintain your attendance and progress in your primary course. The Academy offers flexible programs; we would develop a personalised training plan that fits in with your other studies.

Q. I am in Australia on a tourist visa; can I study a qualification with The Academy whilst I am in Australia?

Yes, you can study up to a maximum of 3 months. You could complete a full time City & Guilds (London) International Certificate in Barbering in this time or subjects of your choice from any of our hairdressing, barbering or beauty qualifications or you could complete any of our short courses in beauty.

Q. I am in Australia on a working holiday, I hold a 462 Work and Holiday visa or a 417 Working Holiday visa; can I study a qualification with The Academy while I am in Australia?

Yes, you can study up to a maximum of 4 months. You could complete a full time City & Guilds (London) International Certificate in Barbering in this time or subjects of your choice from any of our hairdressing, barbering or beauty qualifications or you could complete any of our short courses in beauty.

Q. I am already qualified in hairdressing or beauty overseas and I am in Australia on one of the above visas; can I get Australian qualification in Beauty or an International Diploma in Hairdressing or Barbering in a shorter time whilst I’m in Australia?

Yes, you can, we can arrange with you to assess your existing skills and enrol you in any training that is required to get the qualification as long as it fits in with the study rights in your visa.