1932   Where it all began

The Academy is Australia’s major private college trainer of hairdressers and beauticians. More than 14,000 students have qualified through The Academy

The Academy has always been a leader in hairdressing and beauty education and has been at the forefront of innovation, introducing new training methods and content over nearly 86 years.

The Academy began in 1932 and was the first college in Australia to introduce intensive, full time, college- based training in hairdressing.

This option had also been available in the United Kingdom and the owners of the then ‘Australian Academy of Hairdressing’ brought all their expertise and experience with them when they migrated to Australia.

This offered students the opportunity to gain their industry qualifications by either taking on a four year apprenticeship or by studying full time in a college for one year.

The advantage of intensive college-based training is that our students are fully qualified and earning the full adult wage in a third of the time it would take to complete an apprenticeship.

For more than 86 years Victorians, wishing to become hairdressers, have had the choice between an apprenticeship or a college based pathway.

Whatever pathway you choose, you receive the same training and skills and will graduate with a nationally approved certificate.

1988   More innovation

In 1988 the Academy introduced a fully competency based training method which led to the development of our independent learning materials and innovative training methods.

  • These innovations mean that the Academy can offer the most flexible training timetable in Australia.
  • This helps our students to balance work, family commitments and lifestyle choices with their studies.

It has also allowed us to develop a comprehensive training structure which allows our students to work on their theory and research assignments off campus while spending their time at the college focused on working with our trainers and clients to master their technical skills.

2018   Innovation for the 21st Century – “the age of international employment”

Employment of our students is our ultimate objective and it is against this that we measure our success.

The existing current training in Australia is NOT providing what the industry WANTS and NEEDS!

What Australian employers are saying and why there is a need for change:

  • Over half find it hard to get people with the right skills
  • Over one third find it hard to find “job ready” staff
  • Nearly one third find that staff need further training to keep their skills up to date

Following extensive consultation with City and Guilds London, we have received approval to deliver their internationally renowned and recognized certificate and diploma qualifications in hairdressing and barbering.

We are proud to be the only college in Australia to receive approval to deliver their hairdressing qualifications.

In 2018 we will be accepting student enrolments in the following City & Guilds qualifications:

City and Guilds is a world recognized leader in vocational training. City & Guilds have been delivering vocational training since 1878 and now have international training centres in 120 countries offering thousands of international Certificates and Diplomas.

The Academy’s continues to be accredited by the Victorian Government to deliver hair and beauty qualifications selected from the national Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF).

This offers the exciting option for our students to graduate with both an Australian and an International qualification