The Academy values complaints/appeals as a means of strengthening our administration and improving our relationship with our students.
We recognise that effective complaints/appeals handling will benefit our reputation and performance. The Academy will encourage informal and formal feedback from students in an environment where students understand that such feedback is welcome, confidential and valued.


The Academy’s Complaints/Appeals Policy and Procedures applies to all current and prospective students, or a representative authorised in writing by the student concerned. It applies to any person who is enrolled or is seeking to enrol in any course, module or competency offered by the Academy. Complaints/Appeals arise when a student is dissatisfied with an aspect of the Academy’s services and require action to be taken to resolve the matter. Complaints/Appeals can be verbal and/or in writing. Students may raise any matters of concern relating to training delivery, the conduct of other students and staff, training amenities, administration, assessment and academic decisions, discrimination, harassment or other issues that may arise.

The nature and seriousness of a complaint will determine, to a large extent, whether it requires investigation and, the scope of any such investigation.

Complaints/Appeals will vary in severity, complexity, and whether the allegations are admitted or denied. Straight forward complaints/appeals can often be resolved informally. Any investigation may consist of relatively informal enquiries and/or operate in terms of a formal process.

This policy provides an avenue for most complaints/appeals and, if required, appeals, to be addressed. However, in some cases, alternative measures may need to be explored, for example, when statutory requirements must be followed or when criminal action may be the outcome of the complaint.

Some complex complaints/appeals may require legal or specialist knowledge. Complaints/Appeals on specific topics, such as sexual harassment, may require specialist skills that Academy staff do not have. If those skills are not available, temporary employment of a suitable person or access to more specialised agencies may be required.

How to Make a Complaint/Appeal

A student may make a verbal complaint by directly approaching a staff member or telephoning the Academy on 03 9329 9544.
A student may register their complaint in writing by letter to The Academy,530 Elizabeth St, Noth Melbourne, 3051, email ,or via the Academy’s ‘Complaint form’ accessible online from the Academy website (
Students must initiate the complaints/appeals process within 10 days of the occurrence of the incident, unless an exemption has been granted by the Principal or Chief Operations Officer.
Should a student directly approach a staff member with a complaint, they MUST be directed to the person most able, and with, the authority, to solve the problem.
Staff will recommend that the student review the complaint information in their ‘Students Handbook’ and that, should they wish to formalise their complaint they can complete the complaints/appeals form.
As a general guide:
Complaints/appeals concerning training, training delivery, assessment, timetabling (course changes, cancellations and deferment) and student welfare should be directed to the Principal.
Complaints/appeals concerning all aspects of administration such as financial matters, including government funding should be directed to the Chief Operations Officer.
Any complaints/appeals concerning the Principal or Chief Operations Officer must be referred to the CEO.


Students’ complaints/appeals will be addressed in a timely, equitable, professional and positive manner.
There is no financial charge for making a complaint.
The student’s privacy will be maintained throughout the resolution process.
All matter dealt with during the resolution process are confidential.
There will be no victimisation or discrimination against any student as a result of a complaint.
Students may be accompanied by a support person of their choice at any stage of the complaints/appeals resolution procedure and/or a person to act as an independent arbiter.
Students will be provided with a full written account of any decision or actions taken as part of the procedure.
If the student is not satisfied with the final decision the Academy has made in response to their complaint and/or the procedure that was followed an appeal can be made for the issues to be reviewed by an external accredited, independent mediator agreed, by both parties.
If the student is not satisfied with the outcome of the of the appeal, applications can be made to the following agencies for further advice and support.
Victorian Registration and Training Authority
National Training Hot Line on 13 38 73.
The following time lines are important:


The student must submit the complaint within 10 days of the incident occurring unless they have been given special exemption from the Chief Operations Officer.
The student will receive acknowledgement of the complaint within 3 days of receipt by the Academy.
The complaint resolution will be completed in 10 days of receipt of the complaint, unless otherwise agreed by the parties to the dispute.


An application for an appeal, against a decision made by the Academy, must be made within 5 days of the initial decision.
All parties to the appeal will be given 5 days notice of the date, time and place of the appeal hearing.
The appeal will take place within 15 working days of receipt by the external independent mediator of all documentation.
The Student Complaint resolution will follow straightforward and defines procedures as outlined below:


If you wish to see a full copy of the Academy’s Complaints/Appeals Policy and Procedures please ask for a copy at administration.